Sigale - gale

This is the story of the story sigale - gale. Until this time there is no certainty whether this story really happened or is only a legend Batak people who lived on the island of Samosir. Here is the story:

At the time of the first in the kingdom, a king lived with her son who simata puppet (children only). A child when the king's illness worse. The king has been doing best efforts to heal the children the most is her love. Ajal but also the cause of child death. The king was very heavy and he was eventually to create a statue carved from wood that is similar to the face with his son. But the statue of wood still can not move. Finally, the king is using violence to call the spirit of his son and his son to enter in the spirit of the statue.

That's about the story. And until now sigale dollish gele-made objects as tourism destinations. This doll can still move but do not use science magic again. It is driven by human powe

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