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Medan people, more specifically more Batak people, often seen as a personal temperamental. Emosinya easy ride, not to mention the tone and volume of voice to speak of high and very forthright. Is is?
"If we do not think long term, can I get mad when talking with my husband's family," said Lita, a Javanese woman married to men Batak. For Lita, speak with a high tone and the volume loud, and frankly that is the case at all be gazed in the teachings of his family.

"Sometimes I want terpancing angry because they do not consider that to speak politely. But continue to remember again, oh yes they Batak people. Exhausted, my husband is like the character is Java, "added Lita who met her husband while studying in Yogya that.

But do not think one first. High tone can not be a criterion that the person or persons Medan Bataks temperamental, said sociologist at the same time anthropologist from the State University of Medan, Prof.. DR. Bungaran Antonius Simanjuntak.

The usual high-tone out of the mouth of the Singapore ordinary people found in the Batak from the mountains, the region Samosir. "Because there region perkampungannya far, in the mountains as well. So they have to rant to call. But not necessarily hard-hearted, so it does not terpancing emosinya. Moreover, the already educated, "said Prof. Bungaran.

On the basis of that is the hypothesis that the person or persons Medan Batak is not true for temperamental. It also said senada Dra. Mustika Tarigan. Lecturer in Development Economics in the Faculty of Psychology University of Medan Area. Nada is a high character person Medan, but the tone does not automatically become a high indication temperamental.

"The character they are expressive. Mengekspresikannya own way and more extreme, so emotional impression. But not all of temperamental, "he said. He advised the people from other regions such as the characters that seem excessive.

That should be angry
Temperamental is a condition associated with emotions. For example people who drive cars vituperate ago, "Poor teaching!" Diserobot after the sudden carping by pedicab, is a flood of emotions in the form of anger.

"The phrase angry, it is necessary, because the man is not a superman who can become self semanis may be angry at. The need to remember is, be angry but ketupatnya see, "added Mustika. Ketupat mean that he is the situation, time and place. Note also the object anger, anger level, and the purpose of the anger itself.

For example, parents angry that their children have a goal to the good, so that the child was good. "But there is also to show off, show that no power or authority. Nah, that's not true, "explained.

High tone
Diidentikkan a high tone with the way people talk Medan not always be equated with anger, feelings of anger even more people Medan expressed with a high tone and body language are clearly visible.

On the one hand, the high expressive tone that can make a roomy, comfortable, and happy people who mengekspresikannya as' rubbish 'which is in itself out. But, as recognized by Dra. Mustika, its impact can make other people the shoulder and can not accept the expression of anger terlontar it.

Not to mention the adrenalin that will also go up. What consequences? "He will get tired quickly. Hence, the angry people will be tired because terkuras energy. That is necessary to cool down a drink, "he said.

In the community so others can still expressed anger with soft tones or even silent ago leave people who make angry earlier. According to Dra. Mustika, "Silence or escape from the anger is a way to control anger, and then when the new dicetuskan good situation. We can say, 'Why me so angry with the attitude you so'. Not with the words, 'you make me angry'. Because if so, we blame other people. "

Need to be
However the anger is not good, said Dra. Mustika, while the play is to control or mengendalikannya. He admitted that to control or mengendalikannya not easy, take learn.

"What can be made, we have to manage emotions. How can interact with a lot of feedback or request or feedback from other people. And also be aware that the problems will not be finished with the overflow emotional, "said a woman also in the NGO Child Protection Center study this.

Why Batak people who live on the island of Java for example, can not seemosional who in Medan? Do not forget that environmental factors also influence the emotions.

"Community or the environment will affect someone themselves. But people who have a lot of Medan interact with a heterogeneous society, emosinya also more controlled.

But whoever we are, if you want to anger should first consider whether it is not that other people and make themselves sick.

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